About Us

The idea for a House of Responsibility (HRB) for the birth house of Adolf Hitler in Braunau was invented by Andreas Maislinger who is the founder of the Gedenkdienst and the chairman of the Austrian Service Abroad. The HRB is carried, promoted and based upon the Austrian Service Abroad including its community and partners.

Our Team

Andreas Maislinger

Founder of the Gedenkdienst and

Chairman of the Austrian Service Abroad

Daniel J. Schuster

Head of Vienna Office for International Affairs of the Austrian Service Abroad and former Gedenkdiener at Yad Vashem

Jonas Knappitsch

IT Administrator and

former Gedenkdiener in Zurich, Switzerland

Prospective HRB-Fellows

The House of Responsibility proposes for the birth house of Adolf Hitler to become an international meeting place in which people – HRB Fellows – from diverse backgrounds come together in order to learn and discuss the concept of responsibility and partake in and develop initiatives on the basis of it.